Stop Smoking Treatment Programme

If you’re serious about stopping smoking you’ve come to the right place. Here at Forest of Dean Hypnotherapy we offer a proper 3 session Stop Smoking Programme over a two week period. With this programme in the first hypnotherapy session you will learn how to gradually cut back your smoking from 10 cigarettes a day down to zero by the end of the week. Session 2 gets you stopped and Session 3 is there to ensure that you stay stopped.

By doing it this way it gives your body more time to adjust to the nicotine withdrawal.

Sessions are adjusted to suit the individual based on what things will really motivate you to succeed.

The cost of the 3 session programme is £100

I am very passionate about helping smokers stop and I am not judgemental as I  was a smoker many years ago.  I stopped after visiting a hypnotherapist myself and this has led to my lifelong interest in hypnotism .

If you feel that you are ready to stop smoking now, then please contact me  to arrange an appointment.

The results can be life changing if you put your mind to it.


Stop smoking for good