Prices and How to Book a Session

Booking a consultation session

Please contact me to arrange and book a session either by phone, email or text. I am available daytimes and evenings Monday to Friday and some Saturday mornings.

Each session normally lasts around an hour but may be slightly shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the therapy required. All treatments are tailored to suit the individual’s needs.

The cost of each session is £50

Try a session at absolutely no risk.

If you are not happy after your first hypnotherapy session and feel that hypnosis is not for you then I will refund your payment in full.

My treatment room at Yorkley is on the first floor so if you have mobility problems climbing stairs I am willing to visit you in your own home, at no extra charge if you are located within 5 miles of Yorkley.

Alternatively I can do a hypnotherapy session via Skype

Getting the Best Results from your Treatment

1. Please concentrate on working on just one thing at a time.

2. You need to have a burning desire to make a change.

3. You need to accept that you can make changes to your life and be willing to do a little work to make those changes happen.

If you continue doing exactly the same thing you will continue to get the same result. Sometimes just a small change can make a huge difference in the end result.

4. Do not expect to get an instant result after one single session.

Whilst occasionally exceptional things can happen after one session, this is not the norm. Realistically you will probably need at least 2-4 sessions to get a lasting result and be prepared to work on things over a period of weeks. Hypnosis can help you to change patterns but it takes a while for you to train your own brain to accept new behavioral responses without question.

5. IEMT treatment is normally over 2 sessions

Honeywood, Bailey Hill, Yorkley, Lydney, Glos. GL15 4RT , Tel: 01594 562545