In addition to hypnotherapy I can now offer IEMT therapy to my clients.

IEMT stands for Integral Eye Movement Therapy, and is a great tool for working on negative memories and identities.

It seems to work well on trauma, anxiety, PTSD and many other things.

It is designed to be a quick change tool and normally only 2 sessions are required to complete the treatment.

It’s great for getting people unstuck if they are dwelling on some past event that is troubling them or maybe they have fears or other emotions in certain situations.  Sometimes these things can go back many years.

After treatment what usually happens is that the memory is still there but it seems much more distant than before and much less emotional. This means that you should be much calmer

IEMT doesn’t boost you up in any way it just returns you to a more “normal” you again. This can have a very significant effect on how you go forward in the future.

Another beauty about IEMT treatment is that you do not have to tell the therapist any of the detail about the event or memory if you don’t want to. You just need to be able to think about the subject whilst I get you to move your eyes in certain directions.

This is particularly useful if any event was upsetting or embarrassing

Apart from the eye movement part of the treatment, IEMT also explores identity type  and attempts to balance any identity issues.  It works on physiological accessing cues  and shows you how to change your posture and body language in the future.

As with any alternative treatment there are no guarantees of a successful outcome. IEMT should be considered as an exploration of the problem.  What I would say is that after speaking to experts in IEMT, is it seems that most people get good results most of the time

Please read the testimonials below from two case studies that I recently did.

Case Study 1  Oct 2019

The client presented with diagnosed PTSD after a hospital operation. She had been told she would have to wait months for any NHS treatment. She seemed anxious and troubled on arrival.  After two sessions she sent the following comments:-

“The therapy has been an absolute success for me personally. When I arrived for the first session my whole demeanour displayed as timid and closed – in my mind it played out as being quite an impossible case to rectify in just two sessions.  However, you were able to change my thought processes.  On the first session, when IEMT was applied, I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and although I couldn’t qualify this and left me puzzled – IT WORKED…..

On leaving, the issues involved in my PTSD were what I can only describe as ‘numbed’.  They were still there, but I could rationalise them into a much more succinct and manageable validation and reasoning.  This happened within the two sessions and is lasting.  Techniques to manage my anxiety have continued after the treatment and I will certainly be contacting you in the near future to continue with my recovery.

Thank you for your kind attention and help with what I saw as an insurmountable challenge”

Case Study 2 Oct 2019

The client presented with feelings of guilt and regret after a marriage break down. He also suffered high levels of anxiety in certain life situations. After 2 sessions of IEMT therapy he said:-

“So, things are definitely calmer and I don’t feel so anxious in certain situations at all. In fact, I was trying to find that feeling the other day when I would usually be really bad and it wasn’t there.”

 A week later he also sent this message to me: “Actually… it really does work. I’ve been in two situations over the last 24 hours where usually my anxiety would be sky high and it was totally fine … thank you (thumbs up emoji)”