Bridge Phobia

At the age of 48 and having been driving for over 30 years I never expected to suddenly get a driving phobia. To be more specific- a crippling fear of driving over the Severn Bridge. One day last year it suddenly happened and has continued to get worse but only when I am driving not a passenger. The fear, anxiety and feeling like I had no control was really distressing and even felt dangerous. Realising that it was something that I had to tackle due to where I live – I had no idea what the answer was. I just ended up getting more and more panicked and then cross with myself and I felt stupid and embarrassed that suddenly I got this fear and phobia out of nowhere.

I’ve never tried hypnotherapy before and after a bit of Googling, I thought I had nothing to lose so decided I needed to find someone local and who comes recommended.

I came across Peter of Forest of Dean Hypnotherapy after receiving recommendations. I had a session with Peter shortly after – much to my husband’s and friends scepticism. Peter took the time to understand my fear and phobia and talked me through the process. 

The session was at my pace, very relaxing and a pleasant experience. Hypnotherapy is such a great feeling – don’t listen to the haters.

Peter recorded my session for me to listen to again in the comfort of my own home.

A few days later I decided that I needed to take everything Peter had taught and spoke about and tackle this bridge. Whilst driving there part of me felt I would just end up stressed and upset again – how could I possibly not be scared of this.

On the approach to the bridge, I concentrated on my breathing and other techniques Peter had given me and before I knew if I was the other side of the bridge. I felt completely different! I felt nothing – no fear, no anxiety, no emotion. It’s just a road on a bridge leading me to my destination.

I honestly am amazed that this was achieved in one session and in fact even achieved at all. The brain is incredible and Peter was able to address this fear.

I honestly can’t stop telling everyone what Peter did! 

Liz Loy June 2023

Stop Smoking
Hi Pete
Hope you are well.
Just to let you know it’s now a year since I quit smoking.
Not even one puff of a cigarette.
I remember you telling me during one of our sessions that once I realised I could do this then I would eventually realise I could do anything.  Well it’s been an amazing year.
Andy R.- March 2019

“Hi Pete, Just to let you know as from tomorrow it’ll be four weeks without a cigarette.
Still going strong, and it is getting a bit easier now. I still listen to my recordings, and associate
the beautiful music with a great feeling of success. Thank you again for your help and guidance.
Thanks to you I have achieved what seemed at one time to be impossible.
Life is so much better. I laugh more, do more and feel so enthusiastic about the future.
Will keep in touch. Thanks again, Andy.” March 2018

Driving Confidence

I have taken several driving tests in the last few months, failing for minor error that I would not do in my lessons. I was able to drive, as my driving instructor told me, however my confidence would decline during the actual test due to nerves. These nerves were not always noticeable to me and became a sub conscious thing, affecting my focus. After having the session of hypnosis, I passed my driving test! Pete talked about my confidence and focus and how I knew I could drive well, which made me less nervous on the day and taking it on my stride. I was more positive which led to a positive result! Thank you very much and highly recommended.

Kristina G    – April 2016

‘When I became successful in changing my job, I was very anxious that it involved driving as I seldom drove.
Peter instilled so much positivity into me, that now I have more confidence to drive with little anxiety.
I have become generally more confident to achieve my career goals thanks to him.
I will be recommending him to my family and friends and would not hesitate to return for further visits
to help me with any future issues.’
Annette Gray – June 2015

Peter was very welcoming so I felt relaxed with him. When discussing my problems he seemed to relate and I felt able to talk to him and say how I felt. He gave a good explanation of hypnosis so I knew what to expect and after the session I felt relaxed and refreshed. After one hypnosis session there was a very noticeable improvement in the areas I had problems with.

Laura Skyvalosholme – June 2014

I came to see Pete in June 2014 after I’d been experiencing low self confidence for the last few years.
To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about whether hypnotism would even work for me but I’d been re

commended by a friend who had lost a lot of weight after hypnotism from Pete so I decided to give it a go. I’d always been really out-going and confident and used to strut down the street with my head held high, then I went through a series difficult times in my life including being made redundant from my job, being dropped from the record label I was signed to and splitting from a serious relationship. Basically my life changed dramatically in a short space of time and I lost my confidence. Even though I got back on my feet and got a new job and moved on with my life, I never went back to being the confidant person I was before. After the hypnotism I didn’t suddenly feel different but I’ve definitely noticed a change in myself and I really feel in control of my life for the first time in years. One particular example when I noticed a change in myself happened when I went to a conference where Vernon Kay was the host, he asked for volunteers to play a game of family fortunes on stage in front of the 500 people. I don’t know what came over me, but without thinking my hand shot up and I got asked up on stage. Obviously I was a bit nervous once I got up there, but this time last year I would never have volunteered and I came off that stage absolutely buzzing, so full of confidence just like the old Kate. I would definitely recommend this treatment, it’s changed me for the better!
Thanks Pete!

Kate – sales executive ITV