How Hypnotherapy Works and FAQs


Healing in trance has been acknowledged for centuries by virtually every culture in the world. The term hypnosis was first used around 1840.

Hypnosis is a state of mind, normally achieved during therapy by mental focusing and physical relaxation, in which our unconscious mind is able to communicate with our conscious mind.

The hypnotherapist uses speech techniques to gradually get the client into a very relaxed calm comfortable state (this is sometimes described as a hypnotic trance) Trance state is a bit similar to day dreaming or meditation. The client is very relaxed but not asleep, they will still be aware of their surroundings and the therapist’s voice. At this point of relaxation the sub conscious part of the brain is much more accessible to suggestions.

The hypnotherapist may make direct suggestions for beneficial change or may use analytical techniques to attempt to uncover problems deemed to lie in the client’s past. Sometimes the therapist will guide you with stories that contain metaphors that have significant meaning to your inner mind which can result in benificial changes. Each problem is different and each person is different so treatments are tailored to suit the individual circumstances.

Q. Will you be able to take control of my mind and make me do things against my will?

A. No, you will very relaxed but still remain in control. You will only accept suggestions that you wish to succeed. In an emergency situation you could bring yourself back to full alertness immediately.


Q. Can I remain stuck in hypnosis?

A. No you will wake up when suggested or when you wish to.

In the unlikely event that you fall asleep, you will just wake up naturally when ready or when roused.

Q. Will treatment still work if I fall asleep?

A. Sleeping during a session is not desirable. If you just nod off for a few moments then this probably won’t matter as your brain will still have received most of the suggestions. If you sleep through the whole thing then it is very unlikely that the suggestions will work.

Q. Do you guarantee successful results?

A. No legally I am not allowed to offer any guarantees of success or cures. What I can say is has been well documented that many people do find benefits from hypnotherapy treatment. It really helps if the client is personally motivated to change.

On a personal note I can tell you that I visited a hypnotherapist nearly 30 years ago for smoking cessation and I have not smoked a cigarette since!